Panthers Cut Roster to 53

Brenton Bersin

Brenton Bersin

Each year, NFL teams start with 90, then move to 75, and then with swiftness cut it to the final 53-man roster.  It’s a tough process for players, organizations, and fans. Teams have to let talent go. 

Carolina slashed away today. Many were expected, while some were surprising.  Today Carolina waived: 

The biggest shocker has to be Jordan Todman.  Here’s a guy who played well throughout the preseason and provided the Panthers with a real weapon bringing back kicks.  His skillset obviously overlapped too much with Fozzie Whittaker, who has developed a strong relationship with the coaching staff.  He may be the better blocker of the two.

Brenton Bersin was also another eye-raising cut.  The Panthers are paper thin at receiver, and Sunshine has hands, literally two of them, and seems a reliable route runner. Although he has the physique of an NFL receiver, Bersin struggles to get separation and is particularly limited in what he can offer because of it. 

Adarius Glanton, who always seems to be a tackling machine, found himself on the outside looking in on a crowded linebacker group.

Big Terry Redden, who had the one-handed interception he rumbled and stumbled back to the 3 in the Miami game, had trouble cracking a defensive tackle group that has some solid veteran depth.

Frenchie Foucualt couldn’t crack the roster as Michael Oher has played exceptionally, and Nate Chandelier looks to be liked by the coaching staff.