From Corey to Philly, from 16-10. Where to now?

Corey Brown dropped his popular nickname "Philly" this off season, which so many had become accustomed to calling him. But after struggling with dropping some passes this preseason, he's decided to drop Corey and revert back to Philly along with his Ohio State college jersey number 10, leaving number 16 behind.

Philly made the announcement via Twitter, shortly after head coach Ron Rivera was quoted at his press conference saying, " I'm going to call him Philly, Philly makes catches. Corey Brown is a nice young man."

Ron Rivera had also stated this after announcing Philly Brown and Ted Ginn the Panthers starting wide receivers. Brown and Ginn are the only Panthers wide receivers to really have any playing time and chemistry with quarterback Cam Newton through past seasons, training camp, and this preseason. Second round draft pick Devin Funchess had been sidelined with a hamstring and Kevin Norwood only has three practices and a preseason game with the Panthers under his belt but has played well. It's expected to be a rotation of guys until they really find what clicks.

Brown played in 13 games with the Panthers last year. The undrafted rookie free agent had 21 catches for 296 yards and 2 touchdowns in that campaign. That doesn't jump off the page at anyone, but he showed great route running skills, speed to open the field, and also showed great hands in some cases believe it or not. His ability to find the open space in zones gave Newton a safety valve towards the end of the season.

This off season Brown put in extra work to perfect his route running, gained ten pounds to be more physical, and reportedly somehow got a little faster. All of this extensive work had been paying off as coaches were praising him through camp before Kelvin Benjamin went down in the preseason scrimmage against the Dolphins.

Those next two games is where "Corey" would drop five passes, two of which were easy touchdowns where, once again, he had gotten behind defenders and set himself up for an easy play. Rivera and the team felt Corey was putting too much on himself to try and replace the production the team had lost with Benjamin going out but said they would stick with him.

I was on high on Philly all off season, not elite high mind you, but felt he could be a key player in stretching the field. His ability to take a reverse 60 yards for a score his just another thing defenses have to game plan for as well. As upset as I was watching that dismal two week performance, I'm not writing off what I've seen yet.

Greg Olsen said it best, "If you're in this league long enough, you're going to go through this. I've been through it, it's just one of those things, he'll bounce back."

If the Panthers want to get off to a quick start this season in the NFC South, the name and number will need to be some of the last things Philly drops going into week one as the starter for the Panthers. You can't catch everything, but you certainly cant drop the sure one's either.

By "This Guy Don't Be Trippin" Morgan, aka Tripp Morgan
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