3 Reasons The Panthers Will Beat The Seahawks and Why Cam Will Make Sure of It

Give a big welcome to the newest member of the C3 family, Andrew Garcia.  This Panthers fan, who lives in Texas, bringing right in his first piece. 

The Carolina Panthers are going to come out of this monumental brawl Sunday as a winner. No doubt in my mind. First off let me say that I am a fan just as any die hard out there and my opinions are just what everyone is thinking, or so I hope. The Panthers and Seahawks matchup is something that just seemed inevitable ever since the week 6 meeting. The Seahawks are apparently the hottest team in the league at the moment, and nobody wants the face them. Yet hold on now, the PANTHERS have been the hottest team ALL YEAR. So what does that make us? It makes us a scary formidable foe. So let me tell you why the Panthers are going to win this game.

    Reason 1: Cam Newton

    Reason 2: Cam Newton (No this is not a joke)

    Reason 3: Cameron Jerrel Newton

Cam Newton

Yes Cam Newton is every reason. I know that we have a running game that is as unique as they come so the Seahawks #1 run defense is kind of irrelevant here. Cam is the main focus in the run game due to the attention he continuously draws. I know that we have Josh Norman who can shut down Doug Baldwin and a LB crew, led by Kuechly, which can contain Wilson. But didn’t the Vikings do all that? Yes they did. Here is where Cam comes into this equation: we have to capitalize on our defensive stops. This is something Bridgewater couldn’t do, but Cam will. He led 80 yard drives in the first meeting like it was nothing, picking apart Seattle’s defense as if he was back at Auburn going against an FCS team. The scary part is that he has only gotten better. 

The main reason that the Panthers will win is because Cam is hungry, and he will not be denied. From the start of the year, Cam was destined for this; he was healthy; therefore, he had all the time to focus on working with receivers, working on fundamentals, watching film, and growing as an NFL player instead of rehabbing, or sitting out due to the lockout. This is his year. You can tell during his press conferences when he talks about getting better by working on the small things that could worked on while they were winning 14 straight games. Going against the Seahawks and Russel Wilson this week is the best thing for Carolina because it brings out the Cam that only the Seahawks can bring out. Watch him stare them down while running out of the tunnel, what is he thinking? He’s thinking that “This is my time and I’m going to take them down and show what I can do.” 

Andrew Garcia
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