Ode to Carolina

A magical season like this has got Panthers fans waxing poetically.  Check out this Ode to Carolina from our English buddy across the pond. 

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Way back when in Jacksonville, 
Week one left us wondering, 
Could this defense go in for the kill? 
Did the offense have a sting? 
A narrow win that lacked in zing
Didn't make me want to say, 
The Panthers aiming for a ring, 
But we were on our way. 
Weeks two and three we kept it going, 
The Saints and Texans fell, 
Cam's flip TD left fans wowing, 
Luke's absence failed to tell, 
Our swagger had begun to swell, 
Josh Norman was on fire, 
The Buccaneers, they had a spell, 
But our score finished higher. 
Games five to eight looked real tough, 
Seattle aimed to harm, 
Cam Newton showed he was no duff, 
Despite the fire alarm, 
Bradford didn't have the arm, 
Andrew ran out of Luck, 
Aaron was no good luck charm, 
We never came unstuck. 
Week 10 brought about the dab, 
11 swept with ease, 
Thanksgiving Tony caught a cab, 
And 13 dropped Drew Brees, 
Falcons picked off like a scab, 
New York was fits and starts, 
Eli couldn't land the jab
Then Atlanta broke our hearts. 
With perfection gone we bounced back strong, 
Especially our Cam
He put not one foot wrong
He's proved he's Superman
Seattle came to play again
But they failed to make the jump  
Enjoy your sofa Richard Sherman, 
You cocky little chump. 
We've now just got two games to go, 
That's all that's in our way, 
With Arizona we go toe-to-toe, 
To prove we're here to stay, 
The Super Bowl we aim to play, 
To get our boys their ring, 
Prove folk wrong and make them say, 
The Panthers? They Keep Pounding. 

By Dan Rawlinson
Follow him on Twitter @DanRawly