Carolina Pit Bull, Thomas Davis, Should Be a Go for the Super Bowl

Thomas Davis

Perhaps Carolina's biggest leader on and off the field broke his forearm in the NFC Championship.  He was having a monster game, sniffing out runs and levying devastating tackles, when he went down wincing in pain. Clutching his arm on one knee, it was clear the injury was severe.  X-rays revealed that Davis suffered a break. 

Davis took the stage during the NFC Championship trophy ceremony, vowing he would play in Super Bowl 50.  The next day, Davis underwent surgery in hopes of taking the field for the biggest game of his career.  Today, Ron Rivera addressed the media about Davis's ability to play in the Super Bowl, and it looks like he could be a go.  Charlotte News & Observer's Joe Person reported today that Davis would have to wear a Kevlar brace if he were to play. 

Davis has played great for the last three seasons, and this after being the first player to come back successfully from three ACL injuries.  Aside from playing great, Davis has assumed the mantle of the team's greatest leader, both on and off the field. The thought of him missing the Super Bowl, after all he's been through and how important he's been to the team's success, is devastating. It's great to hear that he could potentially play, and the thought of him doing so would seem to be such an inspiration to the team that it would hard to imagine them losing if he did. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn