WARNING: Don't Think About Carolina's Secondary

It's better that way. Look, look over there! The Saints defense us horrific! Anything that diverts our thoughts from Carolina's depleted secondary, consisting of Daryl Worley, Teddy Williams, Zack Sanchez and Lou Young, facing the NFL's second-ranked passing offense, the New Orleans Saints. 

The Panthers secondary is in shambles. Starting corners, James Bradberry and Robert McClain, are out because of injury, which leaves a rookie, a perennial special teams player, and a guy who wasn't even on the practice squad 72 hours ago to slow Drew Brees and the Saints passing attack. 

Sure the Saints' defense has been a wreck, but it's not like Carolina's has been all that great either. If the Saints can find ways to slow the Panthers pass-rush, which many have shown an ability to so far, Brees could feast on this inexperienced secondary. 

Carolina's secondary is currently ranked 15th in the league, allowing 262 yds on average. The Panthers haven't had to face many teams with that prolific offenses or with a quarterback of the caliber of Brees. In the one game Carolina did face a high-powered offense in Atlanta, they surrendered over 500 yds through the air.  It's hard to imagine Carolina's defense giving up this much ever again, but if they were to, Drew Brees is a guy who could deliver the mail. My suggestion, turn your head away when Carolina's secondary is on the field. Look at Cam Newton instead, who we need to will Carolina to a win and pull this team out of this losing streak. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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