C3FF Week 4 Minter League Recap



Standout Games:


Game 1: Ginn and Juice (0-4) ------------ 89.5

       Bortlemilk Biscuits (2-2) ----------- 95.5


Bortlemilk Biscuits won this one despite bafflingly starting Ryan Tannehill against the Bengals in Cincy (12 FP) upon LB Vontaze Burfict's return. Instead, he had Bortles benched in London against that so-tightly-defended Indy secondary (28 FP). Then again, the game started at 9:30 am so he may not have had time to substitute for him. BB still won by 6 FP, and doing so with some pretty steady FP from his starters. Ginn and Juice had a few standout performers (Luck, Antonio Brown, Brandon Marshall) but it wasn't enough to quite climb the hill. Neither team had a great fantasy output and nobody on the bench would have helped with the bye weeks starting.


Game 2: Panther Storm (4-0) ---- 101.5

      Shaq Lives Matter (1-3) ------ 96.0

Panther Storm has taken the division lead at 4-0 with no signs of looking back. I have noticed it's probably the most active team week-to-week, and key to winning is that in-season management. The only amusement I get from this game? He had Meg yan's 44 FP on the bench.


Game 3: My Ball Zach Ertz (0-4) ---------------------- 84

       Summertime, and the Livins Ezek (1-2) -------- 171.5


I included this one because the winner could literally have scored half the FP he did and still would have won. Summertime's box score demonstrates what's possible in fantasy football when all your starters have good games.


Overall comment on standings: Eastern division leader is 4-0, with 1 at 3-1. Western Division has three teams tied at 3-1.

Interesting that yours truly and Panther Storm have scored exactly the same number of FP, 537.5, over 4 games, but I'm 2-2 while PS is 4-0. Such is the "luck of the draw" factor in Head-to-Head matchups.



This past week was the week of QB injuries. Unfortunately, Cam suffered a concussion on yet ANOTHER "I'll ease up on this score" lazy saunter. Perhaps this time, he'll actually figure out it's better to go hard that final yard, cross the goal line, THEN he can let up. An angry NFL defender is not a good thing to "overlook" in his situation, and he has done that several times. 

Carson Palmer is also injured, but the severity isn't yet known to me. I'm sure you can google updated info on him at any time, but what's interesting about Palmer was a comment I saw posted supposedly coming from another GM: "He is the LEAST clutch QB in the NFL." Ouch.


 -- The Commish