Week 10 C3FF Minter League Recap

After a lopsided week nine, week ten of the C3FF FFL Challenge had a lot of competitive games. Once again, I wound up on the losing end, but that's not news now that I have the cellar to myself. Now at least the only train that can hit me will have to be a subway....

The top game last week would have to be a marquee C3FF match-up with the division leader, Panther Storm, coming in at 7-2, against the streaky Summertime, and the Livin's Ezek, still alive at 5-4.

Zeke ultimately weathered the storm 155.5-143.5, mainly on the back of his namesake once again. Elliott had 49 FP to lead all scorers, and the rookie isn't showing any signs of wearing down through the NFL season yet. Other than Phillip Rivers' 23 FP in the loss to a suddenly-scary Miami team, he had no players score more than 18 with Demaryius Thomas in the Superdome facing a very generous defense.

Panther Storm had very good outings from several players, but it wasn't quite enough. LeGarrette Blount had 28 FP, WR Doug Baldwin had 26, and Jordy Nelson had 25. Those guys aside, nobody could get much sunlight through.

Hard to choose this week because of so many competitive games, but overall the closest one was make Americam Great aGinn defeating Ginn & Juice in quite a schizophrenic contest, 117-114. While Ginn & Juice had the top scorer in their contest with Antonio Brown's 29, MAGA took the Blonde Underdog's campaign slogan and drained his opponent as five players scored 15 or more FP for him. Fitzgerald, Kirk Cousins, Melvin Gordon, Julio Jones, and Matt Forte round out that list.

The third best game this week was imaClassic Cam defeating Team Truesdale by ten, 127.5-117.5. Cam got big days from Russell Wilson and DeMarco Murray (26 & 35 FP), posting nearly half his total score right there. Truesdale had AR-12 fire off 27 FP while TE Delanie Walker posted 23.5.

Meanwhile, I get Lamar Miller breaking off a long run, only to be tackled at the one-yard line. Pretty much sums up my own season, but I figure it beats the one Hillary just had.

I'm good....

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