Saints Near Comeback Not Scariest Moment for Panthers Nation

As fans, we get so wrapped up in the success of our team, that we often forget the brutality of the game and opportunity these players face for serious injury. When Luke Kuechly went down in the 4th quarter, seemed disoriented and scared as he tried to catch his breath, we remembered. We worried. We prayed. 

The groans from fans who feared that Carolina would once again squander a win quickly seemed so unimportant as one of our most beloved Panthers was carted off and evaluated for a concussion. 

Luke Kuechly missed three games last season because of a serious concussion suffered in the season opener in Jacksonville. As Kuechly struggled to catch his breath, I couldn’t help but worry about his personal well-being. Scary memories of a former middle linebacker, Dan Morgan, who had a great career stopped short due to repeated head injuries crept into my mind.

Kuechly’s second concussion in his 5-year career doesn’t indicate that head injuries are yet becoming recurrent to the point we should be concerned for his career. We should be concerned for his health and well-being after suffering such a painful injury. 

We are also concerned and praying for the health of Mark Ingram, Leonard Johnson, and Mario Addison, and Ryan Kalil who also suffered injury. Michael Oher as well, who is still suffering from concussion symptoms 6-weeks after being diagnosed. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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