Cam Newton On Talk With Roger Goodell, "It Was A Great Conversation."

Cam Newton had his talk with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday and was able to elaborate some in his weekly Wednesday presser. 

"It was a great conversation. I got my point across. He got his point across. But we'll see Sunday and moving forward."- Cam on talk with Goodell.

"In the pocket, that's all I'm asking for. Just to get the calls everyone else gets."- Newton

Newton also stated he understands he runs more than other quarterback in the league and that he will protect himself as a runner. In Cam's defense, he's never complained about hits as a runner. He's admitted multiple times that a lot of the shots he has taken are on himself.

When asked by Charlotte Observers Joseph Person (@JosephPerson) whether he thinks will change, Newton stated, "I hope."

Rivera also commented on his conversation with Goodell. 

"The good thing is he was a willing listener," said Rivera. 

Written by Tripp Morgan

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