Carolina Panthers Moved from ICU to Hospice Care

It has been a tough season, one hard-fought, but ultimately lost for the Carolina Panthers. Until yesterday, there remained hope that  Carolina could still battle for a playoff cure, despite setback after setback over the last two months. The Panther patient sought one last radical and West Coast experimental treatment this past Sunday. Hope sadly vanquished in Oakland as the Panthers fell again to this injurious and fatal 2016 disease. While doctors have not ruled survival mathematically, the patient hasn’t made the satisfactory progress to nourish any real hope.

These difficult circumstances have caused the Panther family, without the patient’s consent,  to focus on the quality of life rather than the length of that life. Further treatment of this deadly 2016 disease, the family believes, will only nourish hopes that will end in disappoint and heighten the heart break of their loss.

In hospice care, the family will spend time celebrating the patient’s life, the fight, and looking to everlasting life to come.  

The family has decided to hold weekly celebrations at 10pm on YouTube that focus on these more important long-term goals. Our councilors at C3 are here for any family and friends who are struggling with this decision. Please feel welcome to attend any of our Tuesday counseling sessions or for emergency situations, tweet our hotline @Cat_Chronicles