What David Gettleman Said And Someone Feed The Man Some Grits

General Manager David Gettleman is a rare breed in today’s NFL.  He speaks his mind, and is surprisingly honest.  If you didn’t read the Professor’s article earlier this week about how to read what he says, check it out here. Here are a few things that he said today in Indianapolis.

What He Said Today:

He pointed out that this year is a good year for Defensive Tackles.  And I agree.  

Why do we need a DT

When we have Star and KK?  Well, we now have little to no depth behind those two and Star and KK have contracts coming due within the next year.  That strength could become a weakness if not addressed.  One cat I have my eye on is UCLA DT, Kenny Clark.  He would be a run-stuffing machine that would be a great pick in the second round.   But stay tuned to www.carolinacatchronicles.com as we'll bring more updates on more prospects in the coming days.

Gettleman Still Needs to Learn Southern Traditions

I say he should have used grits in his metaphor, but was still on point;

He says “We aren’t getting instant oatmeal anymore.”  To me this is saying you have to sign your core and we aren’t letting Josh Norman and other players that we have spent time developing go to other teams.

Here’s more on that:


Bye Bye Big Money?

Charles Johnson looks to be gone.  When asked about his $15M cap number he pointed out that it isn’t about the cap number but rather if they are the best 53.  Translation to me is we aren’t bringing him back at a lower number.  We all love Charles Johnson, but Father Time comes calling everyone and I think that time is now for him.


-Mel Mayock