Does the Panthers Blowout Talk Make You Nervous?

All season, Carolina has fought an uphill battle. Described as the worst undefeated team for most of the season, Carolina seemed to be the most unfavored favorite each week.  They were dogs at home against teams with inferior records. In the playoffs against the Seahawks and the Cardinals, the line was basically a coin flip. Now Carolina has started to win over the national perspective as the favorite for the Super Bowl.

On ESPN's first take, Skip Bayless even endorsed Cam as unstoppable. This is such a different take from the hot takes we are used to.  As a Carolina fan, this is a different position for me. I'm just not used to having this type of support, and what just a week ago was Carolina's cockiness, has now been embraced by the mainstream.  So many things can change I guess in a week and a half.

Does this make you as Panther fans nervous at all? They do have to put on the pads and play the game.  Is it a lock?