Thomas Davis Calls for Rodney Harrison's Head

Thomas Davis is head hunting, but not in the dirty way. Davis spoke out against the notorious former New England Patriot and now NBC football analyst Rodney Harrison's recent comments suggesting Denver should intentionally try to injure Cam Newton.

Harrison, voted by his peers the league's dirtiest player on multiple occasions, has had it out for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. He's doubted them as a team, criticized their players, and just shown he personally dislikes the Panthers. This week, his comments went further than even the grittiest of NFL players are comfortable, stating:

If I was playing against Cam Newton, I would try to take him out. I would try to take him out. I would try to hurt him. I would go right to his knees. That’s the goal. You want to knock him out — that might be the difference between winning and losing the Super Bowl.
— Rodney Harrison

Davis isn't the first Carolina Panther to speak on Harrison's dirty comments.  Tight end Greg Olsen stated, "I didn't hear exactly what he said, but if it was how it's being portrayed, then I think that's uncalled for and somewhat embarrassing."  

Currently, Harrison is trying to walk these comments back: 

I’m not saying go hurt Cam Newton. I’m saying when he goes outside of the pocket, you knock his head off. That’s what your are supposed to do. And as a defensive back, I’d go right at his knees, because that’s what you are supposed to do. He is 6-foot-4, 250 pounds. I’m not gonna hit him uptop...I’m gonna go right at his knees and try to bring him down within the rules.
— Rodney Harrison

The fact that Thomas Davis felt compelled to address this says a lot.  Harrison has tried to downplay the comments, advising the Panthers shouldn't pay attention to a guy like him onNBC, but on the upcoming Super Bowl. Harrison's voice is loud and he is a representative of the NFL even though he doesn't work for them directly. His financial livelihood is dependant on the game that first made him rich and famous to begin with.  These endless negative talk about the Panthers and this openness about trying to injure a player intentionally reveals Harrison's true nature. 

Carolina really shouldn't be the only team upset with these comments. In many ways, this implies that the only shot that the Bronco's have is by playing dirty, or in other words, cheating. Hey, he does know firsthand right?

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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