DeAngelo Williams Still Holding a Grudge Against Carolina Panthers

DeAngelo Williams departure from the Carolina Panthers wasn't a pleasant one. After his release in 2015, Williams held an exclusive interview where he criticized the Panthers, management, and even the players for overlooking his mother's death the previous year and cutting bait from the franchise's leading rusher prematurely.  It was ugly, but it didn't seem as ugly as the Steve Smith's release the previous year.  Oddly, Smith has started to come around on the Panthers, endorsing them for Super Bowl 50. Williams, well, he's still salty.  

Take a look at his prediction for Super Bowl 50:

Williams showed signs of his sensitivity in his last year with the Panthers. He seemed removed, didn't take criticism about his lack of production well, and made a big media fuss about a lack of appreciation for what he had done for the organization.  He's keeping score, and it looks like he doesn't want the Pathers to score without him.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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