Aqib Talib's Facemask Penalty Was Intentionally Dirty

Philly Brown

Panther fans have a history with Aqib Talib. He's the source of one of Steve Smith's most famous soundbites, "ICE UP SON." Talib is known for having a boisterous personality. In the lead-up the Super Bowl, he flaunted his 80k Rolex, thick gold chains, and iced out jewelry resembling Deion Sanders style mixed with Chris Bosch's birdlike head.  He was just as flamboyant on the field, receiving two personal fouls in the opening half of Super Bowl 50. 

After the game, Talib let it be known that his trying to take of Philly Brown's head wasn't accidental, it was meant to send a message.  Talib stated, "One I just did on purpose, and I just had to show him. It’s probably going to be a fine, but hey, we’re world champs.”  Fortunately, Philly Brown wasn't seriously injured on the play. The flag did momentarily save a touchdown.  Carolina did go on to score and Brown did get injured later in the game, but not because of dirty play. This is a dangerous type of play, and for Talib to say he did it on purpose highlights that this is only acceptable because someone was not seriously injured. Had Brown suffered a serious neck injury, we'd be calling for Talib's head. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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