Philly Brown Ready for Grudge Match Against Aqib Talib and Broncos

Carolina fans are familiar with Aqib Talib.  There's a history going back to when he battled Steve Smith unsuccessfully when he was in New England.  Talib struck again when he accrued two personal fouls in the Super Bowl.  One was an intentionally dirty facemask that nearly twisted Panthers receiver Philly Brown's head off. 

Currently, Roger Goodell has indicated the NFL is considering implementing a policy where players would be automatically ejected if they received two personal penalty flags. If this policy were in place, Talib would have been ejected early in the second quarter.

Today, Philly Brown commented on the incident:

I'm glad to see Brown is ready for revenge, but the revenge he is speaking of isn't the dirty type that Talib would be looking for.  Brown and the Panthers will want retribution for the loss suffered in Super Bowl 50.