Quinton Coples Visits LA Rams Unblocked by Carolina Panthers

After Quinton Coples left Carolina last week without signing a free agent deal, fans started to gossip about why he’d walk if the Panthers were really interested. He's a North Carolina kid and the Panthers are thin at defensive end. Some wondered if he was testing the waters or if Carolina was simply disinterested after meeting with the former first round pick. Rumors even surfaced that he was overweight. Given the looks of Coples training in a recent Facebook post, however, he’s definitely not overweight. 

It's Going Up From Here

I don't really like posting me working out, because I don't do it for the likes or the positive comments. However, I know social media is powerful these days, and I want to post more inspiring videos for the youth that look up to me and that I inspire. So to all the youth out there - know that I do it for you to be inspired and to be better than me. Never let anyone tell you you can't or that you're not good enough... or that you are not successful enough, because you're not in the newspaper or on TV. I like where I'm at right now. There were some life lessons that needed to be learned before the "success". I still got it and it's going up from here. #UMA #MSMG #UP

Posted by Quinton Coples on Monday, February 29, 2016

Couple visited the LA Rams today, who, after parting ways with Chris Long and likely losing Nick Fairly to the Eagles, could certainly use the defensive help. Since his visit to Carolina, Gettleman  has brought back Charles Johnson and signed defensive tackle Paul Soliai to backup Star Lotulelei.  Gettleman's not likely done building up the Panthers defensive front, but he's clearly not feeling pressured to sign a name that would momentarily satisfy homegrown fans hunger for a hometown hero.

Much like every standout play in his NFL highlight reel, left Coples unblocked. Seriously, can you find a play he made where he wasn't just running free or unaccounted for? It will be easy if you can, because this may just be the slowest highlight film ever.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn