Odell Beckham's Temper Tantrum Never Stops

Wide receivers have a reputation for being divas. It's been a while, however, since we've had a top-rate wideout embrace the role. The stars, the Calvin Johnsons and the A.J. Greens have had much more measured personalities than the Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocincos of past.  It looks as if Odell Beckham, Jr is going retro and putting the diva back in the position. The problem is that he's also a whiny, sensitive, b*&ch about it as well. 

After being called out by Norman prior to the Panthers-Giants matchup, Beckham looked to change the moniker OBJ to ODB when he apparently hoped to end Norman's career on a peel-back block simply because Norman had played him physically and gotten into his head early in the game. The two players battled, fought, and were both penalized, but Beckham came out looking like a pampered little baby who threw a tantrum when he didn't get his way. He also looked as a guy who had little respect and consideration for the game or other players. 

The story didn't end there either. The episode prompted the creation of a new NFL rule (Odell Beckham, Jr. Rule), where any player who receives two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will be automatically ejected from the game. 

As Norman has been working hard on an offseason media push to keep his free agency stock as high as possible, the dustup between the two has been low-hanging fruit for ESPN sensationalism. On Sports Nation, Michelle Beadle asked Norman to in one word describe a player. When showed the OBJ image, Norman responded "OK." He was asked earlier in the week for a top five list of receivers on another show, and OBJ didn't make the cut. 

So what happened next? Odell Beckham, Jr. fell down in the middle an aisle in the grocery store and had a full out temper tantrum.  Yelling, look at me, look at me, Beckham tweeted:

Prior to OBJ/Norman feud, I hadn't had any issue with Beckham, I didn't have any ill opinion of him. I've learned he's just so damn whiny, sensitive, and a crying baby in need of attention now, that I only have one thing to say, "say hello to my little friend."

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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