Dave Gettleman for President

With the Republican Party on the brink of destruction, some believe that former presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, may attempt to strong-arm the party nomination at the Republican National Convention. Several party leaders, like Romney did today, have reviled the real estate mogul as a phony who's full of “worthless promises.”  Donald Trump, they claim, is a “con-man” who will only lose to Hillary Clinton at best, and ruin the party at worst. Many of those very people are nearly just as afraid of Clinton becoming President.  

There just isn’t a compelling candidate from either party. They are either offensive, comical, uninspiring, inexperienced, punctuated by scandal, radical, and for most candidates, it’s a compilation of all of these characteristics.

Before America eats it’s own children in an election that could cause irreversible damage, it’s time for a true leader to throw his hat in the ring. America needs a candidate who has vision, and a leader who they would follow into battle. We need a leader who knows decisions are made above the shoulders, not from the heart. 

It’s this critical moment that has caused  C3 to officially endorse David Gettleman for President of the United States of America. Seriously, I’m pretty sure we’d all sleep better if Gettleman was our Commander and Chief rather than any of these yahoos. 

For the past three years, Gettleman has shown he has the qualities of a great leader. He has vision and a philosophy, and he sticks to it. He isn’t swayed by public emotion. He’s cool under pressure and courageous enough to make the tough decisions, even when unpopular. All of that, and you can best believe he’ll balance the budget as well! 

Gettleman on the Issues:

The Economy:

Getteman has shown he can run a billion dollar corporation effectively while keeping a focus on fiscal solvency. When he took over the Carolina Panthers, the operating budget was a mess. Gettleman described the Panthers as in “salary cap hell.” Carolina hardly had the budget to maintain daily operations and were forced to make cuts to players who weren't all that expensive in the first place. Gettleman turned around the Panthers economy, creating a cap surplus all while signed cornerstone players to long-term deals, over the last three years. 

Philosophy, Vision, and Leadership:

Gettleman has a sound philosophy. Rush the ball offensively, stop the rush defensively, and relentlessly get after the passer. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s proven. It’s a philosophy that realistically could translate to American politics as well. Run a steady economy, stop the rush to reactionary politics, and ferociously pursue those who want to attack America. 

This philosophy comes with a clear vision too.  You build for more than just the present, but for an elite future. You do this with strength, speed, and athleticism. 

On Immigration:

Gettleman has shown he can secure Carolina’s borders, while still honoring the team’s legacy of respecting who have made the Panthers a better organization. He’s respected the draft process, winning in nearly every round and negotiating effective trades with other teams. He’s welcomed with open arms refugees who others have tossed aside. This graciousness has payed off! 

Gettleman hasn’t been naive to outside threats to Carolina security. He’s let guys walk who have disrupted Carolina order and deported those who have had run-ins with the law. 

Organizational Transparency:

This election cycle has shown Americans are frustrated. It’s a frustration that has emerged from a distrust in politicians, the powers that be, and the process. The people want honesty and transparency. Gettleman has shown he’s both. He doesn’t placate. He doesn’t equivocate. He’s been surprisingly open about his beliefs and hasn’t tried to shade fans from the truth. Good or bad, he shoots it straight. It’s a straightforwardness highlighted by charisma too. 

I know, it’s mashugana. 

Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have found support among Americans who feel disaffected and highly suspicious of the establishment and the status quo. It’s been their most compelling quality, and it’s something that Dave Gettleman doesn’t lack. He doesn’t bow to the outside voices or succumb to emotional sways of public opinion. He’s a strong, accomplished leader who steered the Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance last year and can steer America to our championship future. Panther Nation has has rallied behind him, and it’s time for America to also!

Support Dave Gettleman for President!


By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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