Bank of America Stadium Ranks Top Among NFC South For Toughest Places To Play

Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium and it's Panthers fans have received some well-earned recognition in the latest rankings of toughest places to play in the NFL. 

The Charlotte stadium was ranked number 10 in the league, which tops its NFC South foes, including the New Orleans Saints with the well known Super Dome.  The Buccaneers ranked the lowest in the South at 28, and the Falcons weren't much farther ahead at 22. The Saints were #20.

I've witnessed some special moments in Charlotte over the last few years, but the Carolina's first home-clinched playoff run was something spectacular. As my wife, Tony, and I stood in our seats at the NFC Championship game, the place was so loud with people screaming and jumping that the stadium's upper deck and concourses were flexing like nothing I had ever felt at a sports arena before. Multiple beat writers in the press box reported that the box was shaking their devices on the desks. 

If Panthers fans can continue to build upon this atmosphere next season, we could move up in this department again. 

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By Tripp Morgan