Josh Norman Missing Conditioning Workouts Doesn't Mean He Isn't Conditioning

Josh Norman has been the talk of the Panthers off-season. Franchised tag by the Panthers last month, the budding star is seeking the big payday, but Carolina prefers a rental. Because of the situation surrounding the Norman's contract negotiations, he's expected to miss the Panthers conditional training. OTA's are optional, and since Norman hasn't signed his franchise tag, these workouts are truly optional. Although he isn't training with the Panthers currently, Norman appears to be working intensely on his craft.  Today, he put out this video of his personal offseason workouts.


He Norman has until July 15 to sign the franchise tender if a long-term deal hasn't been negotiated.  He's currently seeking 16 million dollars a year, making him the second only to Darrelle Revis.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn