Norman Stole the Press Cycle, but Kelvin Benjamin is the Real Story

Kelvin Benjamin and Cam Newton

The Josh Norman fiasco may have dominated the news cycle for the past 72 hours, but Carolina did begin OTAs today, and the real story is the return of Kelvin Benjamin. 

Benjamin, who had a dominant rookie year, suffered a season-ending knee injury in training camp last season. His loss was thought to be the nail in the coffin for an offense which struggled in 2014. Carolina went on to have it's best season as an organization and make its second Super Bowl appearance. The offense was potent and their success overshadowed Benjamin's absence. 

Well, he's back this year and from all reports looking great. So with all the shade thrown on Carolina with the loss of Norman, we can be excited as fans to have another big target back on the field for Cam Newton.