Draft Week And C3 Draft Party Schedule

This is the NFL Draft Week!  Cat Chronicles is obsessed with the draft and how it shapes the future of teams.  How guys like Aaron Rodgers being passed over by San Francisco in favor of Alex Smith and dropping changed the fate of Green Bay and San Francisco.  And specific to Carolina, how the much maligned Marty Hurney’s decision to draft a spread offense QB with questionable pocket awareness over the more “Pro-Ready” Blaine Gabbert has changed our franchise's’ history.  So this week is special and this week is important.  So important, we are having a special week here at C3.  Below is the schedule of events.  Let us know if you want to join in the fun.


Tonight:  Tuesday, April 26


We will have our normal weekly Panthers podcast tonight at 10:00 EST.  If you can’t stay up for us, catch us tomorrow own YouTube.  Tonight we will have all of the writers that helped put together our Draft Guide.  We will be talking about everything draft related and specifically what the Panthers are looking for and why.  Here is more on that 82-page Panthers Draft Guide in case you haven’t seen it.  

Join us tonight and send your questions during the show using #C3 and we will mention and answer you.


Thursday:  April 28 (Give Aways and Door Prizes)


This will be our 3rd Annual Draft Night C3 Partay!  We will be going on air just prior to the start of the draft.  The C3 crew and a slew of special guests will be talking about each pick and counting down to pick 30.  

We will be giving away Firebird gift cards, Panther T shirts and CamWows throughout the night.  Interested in popping in on the show? Unfortunately we can’t have everyone on, but leave a comment below as to why you want on and why you should come on, and we’ll have a few select guests join us for a bit.  We’d love to have you!


Then the rest of the weekend we will be posting and analyzing each pick made by the Panthers. So, this is a special week and we want you to be a part of it!  Thanks for being a part of the Carolina Cat Chronicles family and we will see you tonight!


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