16 Prospects Carolina is Watching in Round 2

Now that the first round is over and we went with a big mean defensive tackle, we now move on to Round 2 where I feel Dave will be looking again for a weapon to gift Cam to help him with a follow up MVP season. The large talent pool, however, could cause the Panthers to look defense again to address needs at cornerback, strong safety, or defensive end. Let’s look at option on both sides of the ball and how they fit.
I expect a lot of teams will make a run at the guys on defense who should not have really fallen out of Round 1. Guys like Reggie Ragland, Andrew Billings, A’Shawn Robinson, Mackensie Alexander, Miles Jack, Noah Spence, and Kevin Dodd are going to be hot second round commodities. A few offense guys will be mixed into that as well, but I still see a few of the guys mentioned below still being around in the 12-16 range. Then from there as the talent gets thinner and trade up value decreases, Dave Gettleman will move up to grab the guy he sees as the best fit and the most help for Cam.


Sterling Shepard, WR- a good hands guy who will likely be gone soon after the round starts as teams can always use a fast reliable slot receiver
Derrick Henry, RB- a powerful runner who many in Panther Nation wanted last night. He’s a great fit for the Panthers,but a guy that big and fast fits in on a lot of teams.
Michael Thomas, WR- I love the value of this kid for our slot position. He is big, has very strong hands, and elite body control, He may slip to mid 2nd based of being a raw player who will need to really learn how to be a WR for the NFL
Braxton Miller, WR- as raw as they come some teams will really shy away from him but a team looking to add an all around guy will love him.
Tylar Boyd, WR- one of my top choices for Carolina in the 2nd because he will fall based off of a few WRs in front of him. He has strong hands and very good route running I think he is a sleeper to become a Jarvis Landry type slot guy.

Kennith Dixon, RB- a back who can catch? No secret that we can use a boost at RB so why not give Cam a guy who can run up the gut and catch and roll down field.
Hunter Henry TE- the best hands in the draft, but I don’t really see the Panthers grabbing him. He will likely be gone in the first 10 picks, but his availability shows how others can slide down draft boards.
Jerrell Adams, TE- a sleeper at TE who is a great athlete but not near the sum of his parts. He could really be a nice pick up here and a feel a trade would not be required.
Devonte Booker, RB- a hard nose back who can catch the ball he would ass a juice to the offense round 2 that cam would love plus I still have a soft spot for Utah player on the Panthers roster.


Now we could always see another pick of defense, though. I feel that it would be harder to see given the interest level the Panthers have shown in the guys above and the value they hold, but cornerback is an area of need and DE could be a spot to look for as we saw last night Gettleman never can have his fill of too many DL guys.
Kendall Fuller, CB- hard to see him around for long in Round 2, but you never know as he has not played football for about a year after a knee surgery.
Xavien Howard, CB- one of my top corners who I feel he has a lot of Norman in him. Teams don’t like how he is normally an aggressor who takes risks, but he has a lot of talent to add to this team.  
Zack Sanchez, CB - something about this kid makes me like him. He is a classic gambler who often takes the house for what it’s got. This kid just knows how to ball out and make plays on the ball.
TJ Green, CB/S- this kid will end up being a sticky CB in the NFL who knows how to range like a FS it is really hard to see him falling this far but you really never know as he is a late riser.
Bronson Kaufusi DE- a big defensive end who will be a solid all around guy would be nice to add at the end of the round!
Jonathan Bullard, DE- if he is around at pick 20, I would trade up for him. This kid can ball and out and would make the defensive line amazing!
Carl Nassib- very big, very raw pass rusher who actually could end up being the best rusher this class has to offer. He’s only played one year of football, however.
There are 16 players to watch Round 2 and I'm sure Dave has even more in mind. Needless-to-say, I know we will get a baller Round 2! My top choices would be Derrick Henry, Sterling Shepard, Michael Thomas, Braxton Miller, or Taylar Boyd. 

By JP "the Pope" Tremarzo