Gettleman Double Dipped at Cornerback in Rounds 2 & 3, and No One Saw Them Coming

James Bradberry

It wasn’t surprising when the Carolina Panthers drafted a cornerback in the second. After taking a defensive tackle in the first, Gettleman said he was going to draft a corner. When Carolina announced their selection of James Bradberry when Kendall Fuller was still on the board, everyone was surprised.  Few had heard of the 6’1 211 lbs cornerback from Samford University outside of the Panthers war room.  Bradberry was highlighted in the C3 Panthers Draft guide, but he was sandwiched between Fuller and Xavien Howard.

The selection seemed as if Gettleman was almost showing off. He picked a defensive tackle when Carolina had arguably the best tackle duo in Starr and Short and had even fortified the position in free agency. Following the Vernon Butler selection in the first, Gettleman proceeded to draft a guy who didn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar. 

It turns out Gettleman was showing off, because in the third round, he traded up to double-dip on another cornerback few had saw Panthers interested—Daryl Worley. 

So what was Gettleman showing off? It’s pretty apparent what Carolina values at cornerback after tonight. Carolina likes big, physical guys (Bradberry 6’1/211 and Worley 6’1/201) who anticipate.  Both are long, athletic, and have a great feel for how plays are developing, Neither of these guys are only trying to stick on receivers, they are for the ball.

Check out both of these highlight videos, and you will see that these guys are playing ball. They are aggressive when the ball is in the air and both have nice enough hands to reign it in during the attack. 

Neither these guys are among the best when it comes to technique. Scouting reports reference Bradberry’s sloppy footwork and Worley’s lack of speed and fluidness. What they may lack in technique, they both make up for with their instinctiveness. 

Base and balance need quite a bit of work from press coverage. Below average, clunky footwork transitioning from press into coverage. Looks unsure of himself against receivers with initial quickness off the snap.
— on Bradberry
Doesn’t have the loose hips or fluid feet to mirror and match in man coverage. The more layered the route, the more separation allowed.
— on Worley

Gettleman and his staff aren’t just showing off, they are showing what they know. They have a picture of an ideal defensive back, and they aggressively pursued two who they believe to fit this model of size and instinct in Round 2. We may not know much about either player, but we are going to find out pretty quickly because Gettleman seemed at peace with both selections.  

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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