Hot Draft Prospects For The Panthers

The NFL Draft is just three weeks away and the suspense is mounting as to what the Panthers will do.  Which way will we go with the 30th selection as well as the other picks that will help shape the future of this team.  Will we focus on getting Cam new toys?  Or will we aim to add to our already loaded Defense.  I’m sure the intention is both. Here are a few things to know about this draft.

For the second year in a row, the Panthers’ needs line up well with the strengths of the draft class.  This year, Defensive Ends, Offensive Linemen and Defensive Backs rule the roost.  And if the Panthers are looking to compliment Greg Olsen and put our offense on steroids, there are some big Tight Ends to consider.  Or maybe a Running Back to share the load with Stewart?  These are all possibilities and at Pick 30, it depends on who is there.  Here are my rankings of realistic players and who I would take in order:

Shaq Lawson- 

He is set to visit with the Panthers and if he does fall, though unlikely, he will be the pick.  At 6’3/ 270 lbs., he has the right build.  And with 12.5 sacks to go along with 25.5 tackles for a loss, his productions is what you would look for.  Watch his highlights below and imagine him across from Kony Ealy for the next ten years.



Kevin Dodd- 

This is Lawson’s team mate and if Lawson is gone, look for Dodd to be the pick if available.  He’s even bigger than his All-American team mate at 6’5/ 280 lbs.  Could be labeled as a one-year wonder, but in all honesty, that is the only reason this man-child would still be there at 30.  Some of his production came in bunches, but he could be a great pick.  He has also met with the Panthers.





Derrick Henry- 


Derrick Henry is an exciting pick.  At 6'3/ 247 lbs. and 4.5 speed would be a nightmare for opposing defenses that already have to defend 6’6 Cam Newton, 6’5 Kelvin Benjamin and 6’5 Greg Olsen.  We would have the biggest Offensive set of skill players in the league, and you know Dave Gettleman likes that.


Hunter Henry (no relation)- 

Taking the future replacement for Greg Olsen makes a lot of sense.  And he would have at least a couple of years to team with 88 to give teams’ fits.  I can’t imagine how good our offense could be with a TE of this caliber added to Cam’s toy box. He may be the only position where the Panthers could draft the #1 rated player at that position and that makes a lot of sense to do.


So those are a few of my musings as we get closer to Draft Day.  What are you hoping for?  Leave a comment and I will be sure to respond.


Posted by Mel Mayock

AKA @PanthersDrafter