Rookie Mini-Camp Day 1 Recap

Rookie Mini-Camp began today, and we are getting glimpses of the newest Carolina Panthers. Perhaps fans aren't as excited by this moment as usual because of Carolina's recent success, but there are guys in Panthers practice jerseys running around so you know there is some excitement in the air. 

So what do we come away after Day 1?

Keyarris Garrett Has Something To Prove

Self-proclaimed as the best receiver in this draft, this big wideout from Tulsa oddly went undrafted. He suffered a severe leg injury in his junior season, but he returned as one of the most productive college receivers the following season.  Known for his work-ethic, Garrett is already working hard to show why he should have been drafted. Garrett commented on his motivation, stating, "I’m trying to show these coaches why I should have been drafted and why I was the best receiver in this draft. I’ve got to let it go and come out here and prove to the Panthers that they got a steal."

Ricky Proehl likes his potential. He's a big dude with soft hands. Garrett also noted Proehl was one of the main reasons he wanted to come to Carolina, and the teaching coach thinks he's got what it takes to see the field. 

Jeremy Cash Is Focused

It's going to be a transition to the NFL for Cash. Carolina wants to develop him as a linebacker. He's going to need to get bigger if they are and continue to work on his coverage skills for them to use him truly as they want--a linebacker-safety hybrid. Cash is going to need to focus on developing as a special teams player in the meantime. There's a good living to be made in the NFL as a teams guy. It will be the key to see how much time Carolina wants to invest in what people think could be one of the bigger gems of the undrafted players of 2016.

Daryl Worley is on Cloud Nine

There's a lot of opportunity in Carolina for a rookie corner to get on the field. Taking three corners in the draft, Carolina seems to be hoping someone can stick. Worley recorded an INT in his first practice in hopes of being a guy who can contribute early. At the very least, it was a good first day!

Injuries Are Just Part of It

For guys who are long-shots to make the team, an injury can be devastating. Let's hope these guys can bounce back quickly. 

Vernon Butler Is a Big Guy Who Isn't Fat!

This guy doesn't move like a man who is near 330 pounds. He's powerful and athletic. It's pretty clear already why Carolina jumped on him. 

James Bradberry Looks Like a Pro

We don't know all that much about James Bradberry. He wasn't on anyone's radar other than Carolina's going into the draft. We all eager to see what this 2nd Round Pick can be, and at first look, he's big. He looks smooth, and I'm excited to see him play!

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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