Antonio Cromartie Says He'd Love to Play for the Panthers

It's that awkward moment when you tell someone you love them and they don't say it back. It's out there, and you're just waiting for a see where it goes. 

Carolina dumped their most recent fling, Brandon Boykin, after just six weeks. With heart-throb Josh Norman now living in Washington, that old friend, Antonio Cromartie, who a relationship with just seemed to make sense all along but was also just never the right time, called and said, "we should be together."

Today Carolina parted ways with their second veteran cornerback in three weeks. They may have drafted just as many in the last three weeks, but there's a clear concern there is a lack of unproven talent Carolina's secondary to perform to the expectations of last season. There's a lot of passion in the puppy-love phase, but will the attraction last? Carolina may just find as much satisfaction with a more seasoned player. 

Rarely are marriages perfect. Everyone brings baggage to a relationship. Carolina has had some ex-lovers who definitely left their scars on the heart, and Cromartie has had, well, a lot of lovers. But this doesn't mean that the couple can't work to make it work. It, however, can't work unless both hearts are in it.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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