7 Quick Things We Learned from the Carolina Panthers Draft

  1. Dave Gettleman has faith in Kelvin Benjamin- The Panthers offense was clearly missing something outside of blocking in the Super Bowl, and I thought that that may cause him to draft either a WR or RB. Gettleman, however, clearly thinks Kelvin Benjamin was the missing link and well I agree. He will make the league's top scoring offense significantly better! He looks in great shape and has worked on his hands. When he was rehabbing his knee, he would stand on one leg sometimes on a half yoga ball and play catch. He's working on the knee and his concentration. He looks committed to reducing the drops that so many equivocate to a lack of focus.
  2. This team values stability- For years, we have seen a rotation of corners in Carolina.  Now the Panthers have four young guys who can form into a unit that knows how to, not only make plays, but help each other strengthen their weaknesses and their strengths.
  3. He believes in his system- The Vernon Butler pick surprised some, but I love it and so does the staff! He will rush from the middle and from a 3-man front. He is another big DT and he is the obvious Dave Gettleman move. He wants big guys because big guys win up front and it helps the guys win in the back! Gettleman didn’t blink at making this pick, despite having two top level DTs still in rookie deals. He prepared for the future while making this unit much stronger.
  4. Panthers don’t Panic- After the Super Bowl, Carolina had to draft 6 OTs right? Nope, we drafted a DT, even with monsters in the middle, 3 CBs, and a TE, despite having one of the game's best! Gettleman doesn’t care what you think the Panthers need. Heck, I if you knew all that much you would be a GM! Gettleman has nerves of steel and no matter how loud the noise is, he doesn't blink.
  5. CAP will get his shot- Now I wanted a RB, but Carolina is set up to give CAP a shot to see just what they have in him before they started grooming his replacement. He is an excellent talent who could break out this year, making us all forget the desperate desire for a new bell cow. 
  6. Gettleman loves Thieves Ave.- All 3 CBs the Panthers drafted play the ball well and love showing of their receiving skills to opposing QBs. The Panthers created one of the best offenses last season by having an opportunistic defense that created turnovers! It's simple, turnovers create short fields and short fields create points!
  7. Carolina is a destination- Every year, PFF ranks the top UDFAs. #1 is new Panther, Jeremy Cash.  I had him as a 3rd rounder, and I still don’t know how he fell out of the draft. #2 is Keyarris Garrett, who is also a Panther. Both were able to choose where they signed and both chose to play in Houston this year! (please get that joke) 

By JP "the Pope" Tremarzo