Jeremy Cash Described as a "Poor Man's Version" and it was a Compliment

The Panthers are known for striking gold with undrafted rookie free agents. They have an eye for overlooked talent and a focus on open competition that gives these guys a fair chance at making the squad too. Guys like Andrew Norwell and Philly Brown haven’t just gotten a hat either, they’ve contributed significantly to the Panthers success. 

Panthers staff writer, Bryan Strickland, wrote a nice piece this week, “Panthers Unearth Undrafted Gold,” about this newest crop of UDRFAs to sign with Carolina. He caught up with Director of College Scouting Don Gregory to get the inside scoop on these guys who will be soon fighting to make the Panthers roster. 

When asked about former Duke University safety, Jeremy Cash, Gregory provided some very candid comments, declaring, ”He's a linebacker. We got him to be a linebacker. He's 205, has been as heavy as 215, 220. He's got a frame to get bigger. We see him as an outside linebacker. His production translates to outside linebacker for us.”

Gregory then went on to describe Cash as “a poor man's Shaq Thompson.” Being a poor man version of anyone is typically a backhanded compliment. You’re definitely not that guy anyway. But in this case, the player they were referencing was Carolina’s 1st Round draft pick and showed flashes of becoming a future star in Carolina. The fact that Carolina hopes to bulk Cash up and give a real shot to be a player on this team shows their commitment to this future vision of what linebackers can be in this league--athletic playmakers who fly after the ball behind a wall of hog mollies. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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