SuperCam Says He Hasn't Peaked!

Cam Newton

At Panthers minicamp, Cam Newton stated "I haven’t peaked. I haven’t climaxed as a player." He added, "I always can find ways to take my game to the next level." Well I be damned; if what he did last season isn't all he can crank out, I can't wait to see what he can do with the throttle wide open.

Cam Newton’s MVP year will be remembered for generations. He dominated every aspect of the game.

Yards: 3,837 Passing TD’s: 35 QBR: 99.4
Rushing Yards: 636 Rushing TD’s: 10
Total TD’s: 45

And he is just hitting his stride??!! He may not have had the most passing and rushing yards of his career last season, but look at the touchdowns!!!!

Newton threw 35 touchdowns with a receiving core that was mocked before the season started. I ain't gonna lie, I was one who thought we were screwed when I read that KB tore his ACL. I thought we were going 6-10, 7-9 at the max. I NEVER thought that we would go 15-1, win the NFC championship, AND have Cam Newton winning the MVP. 

Now, let's do some math real quick. 

Cam+KB+Luke+G-Reg+JStew+Toldozer+KK+Star+CJ+Kony+Bene+Shaq+TD+Kalil= a perfect regular season, and the Super Bowl 51 Lombardi coming to the Queen City.

Super Bowl Prediction: Panthers vs Steelers, Panthers win 31-24

If Cam hasn't peaked, then when he does, every team will be cowering in fear when Superman walks into the building ready to tear that mutha up.

Nick Black (@SavageSuperCam)