Two Elusive Goals For the 2016 Panthers

It Ain't Bragging If You Back It Up

It Ain't Bragging If You Back It Up

The Cam Newton-led Carolina Panthers are now viewed as one of the best teams in the NFL. In their/our 20 year history, the Panthers have six Division Titles.  Five from the NFC South and one from the NFC West.  And even though they have won the NFC South three years in a row now, the Panthers have yet to put it all together in back-to-back seasons and have yet to get above the .500 mark.

That is correct, the Panthers are looking to have the Franchise’s first back-to-back winning seasons.  To the like, the Panthers’ all-time record is 166 – 169 and will be looking to finally become a winning franchise.  Will this be the year they get it done?  Only time will tell.  

One thing is for sure, every team will be circling Carolina on their schedule as a game that means just a little bit more than the others.  Two reasons why that is true:  First, going 15-1 and being the NFC Champion will do that.  And have you noticed that every time a big athlete (whether it is Dwayne Wade, or any Defensive Lineman making a sack) does the Superman pose?  That is because of Cam Newton’s bravado.

But let me say this and I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I say the Panthers do finish the year with an NFC South 4-peat, with an all-time franchise winning record and with Cam Newton having the last laugh.  Why?  Because in the words of the late-great Muhammad Ali, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.”  And even though the Panthers will be targeted this year, we are just that damn good. Follow me on Twitter at @PanthersDrafter

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Mel Mayock