A Fan's Take On Ryan Kalil And An Ice Up Son Candidate

I wanted to take a quick moment to give my take on Ryan Kallil and his contract extension. Kalil’s story is a perfect example of why BPA should always take precedence over “need.”  And signing him now provides continuity that is paramount when it comes to an NFL offensive line.  Not everyone liked the pick at the time and actually fellow-second round pick Dwayne Jarrett is the one that grabbed the headlines from that draft.

I recall folks lamenting that we didn’t go after the likes of DE Quentin Moses out of Georgia and the Panthers already had Geoff Hangartner as their Center with Will Montgomery was his “promising” back up.  For that reason, many folks did not view him a “need” at the time.  Who can forget the Geoff Hangartner era in Carolina?  In fact on May 10, 2007, RealGM Analysis from Jeff Risdon said,  “Kalil is a master tactician at center, but he’s not a physical player. Considering the Panthers have two capable centers on the roster already, it’s a curious pick…”  

Thankfully, then GM Marty Hurney chose Ryan Kalil was selected 59th overall in the 2007 Draft. So yes, thank you Marty Hurney for taking the BPA and establishing an anchor for the next ten seasons.  Kalil has been the model of consistency and tenacity.  He takes control of the protection calls and is the even hand that a line with two young Guards and average Tackles needed.  And to Jeff Risdon, Ice Up Son!

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He is a different kind of cat or Panther and if he departed early, the locker room and the protection in front of Cam Newton would be vulnerable.  This is another great example of Dave Gettleman keeping the “right” kind of people in the family for the long term.  Next up: KK Short.

Posted by Mel Mayock

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