Carolina Panthers Get an Advocate on Fox NFL Kickoff

The Fox NFL Kickoff Show has been a pretty unforgiving group when it comes to the Carolina Panthers. Outside of Howie Long, the cast has seemed always been pessimistic about the Panthers as a team, and Terry Bradshaw has been outright hateful towards Cam Newton, stating he just doesn't like him


As we watched Carolina go on an unprecedented run as a franchise and have one of the best regular seasons in NFL history, it seemed every time I turned on the TV,  guys on the Fox Kickoff Show were always picking against the Panthers. When they did pick the Panthers it always seemed painful for them. 


Today, the Panthers got an advocate who will cut through the bias and subconscious dislike for Carolina in Peanut Tillman, who is set to join the cast of the NFL Kickoff Show.

With Randy Moss now with ESPN, Tillman will fill the player focused perspective that Moss brought to the table. It was just weeks ago that Tillman stated he would only return to football with the Panthers. He's raved about the organization, the coaching staff, the lockeroom, and Dave Gettleman. He was quick to talk about the special dynamic this team had last season, and we're expecting him to give the nation some of this perspective as a member of the Fox Sports team.  So when Bradshaw gets to Cam hating, smack that microphone out of his hand Peanut.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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