Harper Takes Early Aim At Panthers In 2016

Former Panthers safety Roman Harper has wasted no time in getting the trash talk under way after joining back forces with his original team the New Orleans Saints. 

Roman Harper

"I can't wait to go against these guys," Harper tells Charlotte's WCNC. "The trash talk is going to be at an all-time high. And may the best team win. It's going to all be in great fun and competition and that's what we do... The trash talk has already started. It's never really a dull day. We all still talk. I'm so glad I got to meet those guys. We're a tight-knit group."

These shots seem to be all in good fun as Harper has clearly kept in contact with his former Panthers teammates and new found friends. However, the history between the Saints and Panthers has not always been in good fun. The 2011 regular season game resulted in a scuffle involving former Panthers receiver Steve Smith and, then with the Saints, Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins. Harper received a $15,000 fine for the incident. 

While everything seems to be in good fun now, you just never know what could happen when the lights turn for the divisional rivals prime-time matchup coming up this season. It’s especially the case when Harper noted that "he won't let [Panthers touchdown celebrations]] happen."

By Tripp Morgan
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