2016 Carolina Panthers Awards Forecast

Most Valuable Player: Okay, now this one is simple and almost laughable really! Cam Newton is the reigning NFL MVP and, according to players and all of us, he is the best player in the NFL! Let's not even think this isn’t his on lock! SUPER CAM COME ON UP!  

Stat predictions: 4,300 yards in the air 38 TDs, 580 rushing 11 TDs
Defensive Play of the Year: It's clear that Kony is ready to take on this league! His 3 sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception in the Super Bowl is a clear sign of what’s to come!  This big three-down boy will not only be top Panthers top defensive player not named Luke Kuechly, but he’ll one of the top in the league! 

Stat predictions: 56 tackles 13 sacks 1 interception 5 fumbles!

Offensive Player of the Year: Kelvin Benjamin! The freak is back and ready to reclaim his spot on top! He looks great and will establish himself as Cam’s go to guy. Even when double covered, KB makes plays and gets up talking trash (just ask Sherman and Thomas)! He is a big, reliable receiver who bullies any CB that thinks they can stop him!  Stat predictions:  1,250 yards and 17 TDs
Comeback Player of the Year: Just one year after a torn ACL, Benjamin is like a dead arrow nocked on a tightly drawn bow. When released, he will shoot true! Congrats big boy!

Stat predictions  1,250 yards and 17 TDs

Clutch Player of the Year: Luke Kuechly he is as clutch as they come whether it be making that key tackle or a Pick 6 or even a huge sack he is nothing but CLUTCH!! Stats prediction 10000 Clutch moments!

Offensive Rookie of the Year: This one is a toss up. The safe pick is Sandland because he is the only one guaranteed to be a rookie on offense. I will choose him unless Damiere Byrd makes the roster, who would still be considered a rookie! Now I don’t think either will make a big splash, but someone has to win it!
Defensive Rookie of the Year: James Bradberry! Now I think Butler is the better player, but based on play-time alone, this will go to Bradbury who looks to see significant action from the beginning of the season. He is in a great position to not only win DROY for Carolina, but also the entire NFL! He has what we need, and we have what he needs to thrive! 

Stat predictions 35 tackles 3 interceptions one fumble and 12 passes defended

By JP "the Pope" Tremarzo
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