C3 Mills Fantasy League Week 2 Recap

Here's a look at some the standout results from a Week 2 that didn't have many close match-ups.


ANDREWS PANTHERS (1-1) - 100.5

A three-headed attack from the Broncos defense (25), Carson Palmer (30), and Matt Forte' (36) helped The Funchies dominated their week two match up over Andrew. DeAndre' Hopkins did everything he could as Andrews top scorer with 21.5 points followed by Lamar Miller with the next closest with 15 points. The Funchies are now 2-0.

MR PEANUT PUNCH (1-1)- 135.5

GAME OF JOANS (1-1)-87.5

In another blowout game, Peanut Punch rode the coat tails of Matt Ryan (28), Kelvin Benjamin (26.5), and Demarco Murray (18.5) to secure their first victory of the young fantasy season. The only people to show up to this match up for the Joans' was Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (26.5) and the Panthers defense (17). Jonathan Stewart's early out due to a hamstring and Pittsburgh's game plan for AJ Green was the ultimate demise to bringing Game of Joans back to .500.



Our barn burner of the week came on the heels of Hog Mollies Eagles defense making a hard push for the win with 14 points. Coming up just short after giving up a punt return touchdown late in the game, Hog Mollies fall to 1-1 on the season while The Long and Kawaan Short advance to 2-0. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton led the way for victor with an ESPN fantasy week high of 36 points followed by Isiah Crowell with 29.5 after he busted out a long touchdown run for the Browns.

Wegher Minutes key move to add tight end Vance McDonald of the 49ers paid off in a big way as he ripped off a 75 yard touchdown pass for all of his 18.5 points. Mr Peanut Punch added Matt Ryan through waivers as well and paid off as his highest scorer of the week with 28. 

Two weeks in and the only two undefeated teams hold the top spots and rightfully so. The Funchies lead the West division and The Kawaan Short Of It leads the East Division. After the leaders there are four teams at 1-1 in each division. It should be interesting to see if the top teams can pull away or if some of the .500 teams will give them their first loss. The season is young my friends, making the playoffs is all that matters because after that it is anyone's game.

By Tripp Morgan