Week 2 Minter League Recap


*Once again, The Commish (Moi) had the highest FP total in League Minter for the 2nd week in a row.

Standout Games:


Game 1: Make ameriCam great aGinn (2-0) -- 123.5

       My Ball Zach Ertx (LOL!) (0-2) -------- 112


Make ameriCam great aGinn won despite himself. Although he got a team-starter high 27 FP from the usual spot, QB, he left Stefon Diggs, Corey Coleman, AND Melvin Gordon on the bench. All three players had 20+ FP while his starters at RB, WR, and both FLEX positions had NO player get 20 FP.

My Ball Zach Ertz sat TE Martellus Bennett (20.5 FP) in favor of Eric Ebron (7 FP)    


Had My Ball Zach Ertz simply started Martellus Bennett, he would have won because Make ameriCam great aGinn had his entire bench out-produce all his starters that could have been used. Had he maximized his starters, MAGA would have scored 167 FP on the day. My Ball Zach Ertz must be true, since Philadelphia held Ertz out of the game, injured. Calling Dr. Brady...


Game 2: ImaclassicCam (Iacc) (2-0) ---- 107

       Ginn and Juice (WALK) (0-2) -- 89.5


Broncos D/ST had 25 FP for Iacc, negating the Cardinals’ D/ST (25 FP) that WALK started.

WALK had QB Dalton on the bench, scoring 19 FP while his Antonio Brown had only 5 FP, but you have to start your stars.


Game 3: Show me your TDs (WAGS) --- 110.5

       Summertime, and the livinz Ezek (Matt) -- 91.5


WAGS had a lot of steady if unspectacular players. Nobody had over 20 FP, but none below 8.5 FP either.

For Matt, Jonathan Stewart only had 2 FP & his only bench help would have been DeVante Parker of the Dolphins who scored 15 FP. A.J. Green crashed down to Earth for him this week, scoring a paltry 2.5 FP.


Overall comment on standings: Eastern division has 3 2-0 teams and 3 0-2 teams. West has 2 each at 2-0, 1-1, & 0-2.

No huge names on waivers now that Matt Ryan and Isaiah Crowell have been picked up after play this week. Ryan is a top-five fantasy QB through 2 games & Crowell refuses to be displaced in Cleveland as their RB1. Christine Michael is likely the top RB on waivers now, and he’s a shaky play because of the Seahawks’ sieve-like offensive line. There, the “Colander Crew” has been unable to do anything well except allow enemy defenders access to the backfield in a quick & timely manner, and Michael splits time with Thomas Rawls anyway. However, given the choice between him and Thomas Rawls, I’d take Christine Michael. The only worse thing could be if his last name were that of a division rival...Gurley. With the ribbing he took growing up, my bet is a guy named “Christine” is gonna run a tad bit angrier just on general principles. Theo Riddick of the Lions is another decent choice at RB on waivers, and if any Panthers fans are feeling particularly Homerish, Fozzy Whittaker had a very productive game last week with 16 carries and exactly 100 yards. He showed explosiveness and good hands, so if Cameron Artis-Payne continues to be a “healthy scratch” and Stewie continues having lingering injuries (as he has his entire career), Fozzie could well wind up being one of 2016’s late fantasy steals.




The do-everything RB in San Diego, Danny Woodhead, tore an ACL which means Melvin Gordon’s value just rose ever-higher. TB Bucs RB Doug Martin is out at least 3 weeks having pulled the string in his leg (h/t to Group Captain Lionel Mandrake -- hit the 3:10 mark on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr2bSL5VQgM ), giving multi-purpose back Charles Sims a chance to show off his own skills, as he did 2 years ago when the Muscle Hamster went down. Ameer Abdulla is out for the season, which boosts Theo Riddick’s value, although the Jim Bob Cooter offense seems to consider the run only on a dare. Lastly, Adrian Peterson has a torn meniscus and is expected to miss several months. Look for Matt Asiata and Jerick McKinnon to split carriers while All Day is out...for the rest of the fantasy season.


Here’s a link to see who isn’t holding up their end of the deal -- lowest-graded players of week 2:




*The “Colandar Crew” in Seattle had TWO offensive linemen on the list above while facing a stout Rams defensive front. Be warned.


 -- The Commish