C3FF Week 3: Minter League Recap


Standout Games:


Game 1: UPlay2Win ThaGame (2-1) -- 139.5

       Panther Storm (3-0) ----------- 151.0

Well, it happened...yup, the Commish lost his first match-up of the year.

Panther Storm won this one on Thursday night, even though I made a game of it Sunday & took the lead, Panther Storm rode Meg Ryan and RB Mark Ingram to victory. I had a small lead heading into MNF, but even Drew Brees couldn’t out-score that tandem...especially when he throws Ingram a TD pass, dangit! 4 for me, but 6 for him!

Had UPlay2win ThaGame (moi) started Michael Crabtree over Stefon Diggs, we would have had a flat tie at 151 FP. I left Willie Snead on the bench, as he was a game-time decision for Monday and I felt he wasn’t going to play.

QBs aside, top scorers for me were the Vikings D/ST (30), RB Charles Simms (22), and TE Travis Kelce (17).

Panther Storm’s top non-QB starters were RB LaGarrette Blount (29), Doug Baldwin (27), and Jordy Nelson (26). A few big games did me in.


Game 2: Shaq Lives Matter (1-2) ---- 107.5

       Ginn and Juice (WALK) (0-3) -- 100.5

This was my favorite contest of the week bar none. Shaq Lives Matter managed to overcome a big MINUS-3 burger from Ryan Switchpatrick’s SIX interception game to still win. Wow!

Otherwise, I’ll let you read the boxscore. It’s why I took a screenshot of it! :)


Game 3: Make ameriCam great aGinn (2-1) --- 99

            Team Powell (1-2) ---------------------- 117

This one wasn’t the nailbiter the first two were and frankly there were really only 2 “close” games in Minter League for week 3. See box score below.

Overall comment on standings: Eastern division leader is 3-0, with 2 at 2-1. Western Division has four teams tied for first place at 2-1.


The waiver wire tends to settle down a bit by week 3 and this year is no exception. However, there are several players worth a look. One is Cleveland WR/QB/RB/DB/TE/OT/OG/C/DT/DE/ILB/OLB Terrelle Pryor who had a massive game with 28 FP. He is the ONE GUY who can get FP in literally every offensive category not just in any given game, but on any given PLAY. He lines up being QUITE comfy at QB, obviously, and his 6’6” frame and sub-4.4 speed makes him a threat at any time. The downside? WR Josh Gordon will be returning soon and he is an established threat on the outside, likely taking some receiving FP from a guy like Pryor. In Cleveland, fantasy points are at a premium to start with. Also, somewhat surprisingly, rookie QB Carson Wentz is not only still available on waivers, but he’s the 8th-ranked QB in FP through 3 weeks. The downside? His bye is next week.


Not so much this week on the injury front for fantasy purposes, at least. Dez Bryant is back in the MRI so watch out for his results. Shane Vereen’s season may be in doubt with a torn Triceps muscle.

 -- The Commish