C3 Mills Week Three Fantasy League Recap

A lot of teams were looking to get on the positive side of .500 this week while others are still batting 1.000. Let's take a look at a few of the match ups.

WEGHER MINUTE (2-1) - 143

HOG MOLLIE HEROES (1-2) -113.5

Wegher Minute continues to climb in points with the highest score in the league after losing in week one with a measly 76 points. Wide receivers were the hot position in this match up as Marvin Jones scored 42 for Wegher Minute and Mike Evans had 25 for Hog Mollies. Both were the top scorers for their respective teams.

TheLongAnd KawaanShortOfIt (3-0)- 96

NOT-SO-LAZY-SUSANS (1-2)- 85.5

The ShortOfIt is the only remaining undefeated after squeezing out a grinding victory over Not-So-Lazy Susans. T.Y. Hilton (33) and Desean Jackson (19.5) shouldered the load for ShortOfIt while the Susans had a more balanced attack led by Demaryius Thomas (23) and Melvin Gordon (18). Unfortunately, the Susan's couldn't tip the scales out of balance and more in their favor to win. The KawaanShortOfIt stands alone at the top of the standings heading into week four at 3-0.

Chattahoochee Hoochekoochees (2-1)- 136.5


C.H. was able to knock one of the unbeaten in this one and in convincing fashion. Funchies got a combined 14 points from their quarterback and two flex position that really killed them, while C.H. got a huge lift from their Chiefs defense this week for 35 points. The con of that Chiefs defense was the fact that they were playing Ryan Fitzpatrick who C.H. also started and registered a terrible -3 points. Funchies will look to bounce back to their winning ways in week four.

The Kawaan Short Of It stands 3-0, just a game ahead of Kalil Me Maybe (2-1) and Wegher Minute (2-1) in the East division. Out West there's a three way tie with 2-1 records between Chattahoochee, I Worley Have The Funchies, and Andrews Panthers.

It's obviously still young in the fantasy season but teams should start separating themselves over the next few weeks.