Kelvin Benjamin Sleeping With The Enemy?

To some it may seem petty, to others it feels like sleeping with the enemy. As the Carolina Panthers arch-rival, Atlanta Falcons, pummeled the Seattle Seahawks, Kelvin Benjamin remarked:

As someone who rooted for the Seahawks for the first time yesterday, and reluctantly I do say, it's not fun seeing the Falcons do anything well. After a disappointing year from Benjamin, hearing how Atlanta is "looking good" as a team didn't make me feel any better about the Panthers season for sure. 

Sadly, there's truth in what Benjamin observed. The Falcons offense, despite every effort I have made to say it's not, is legit and the defense is surprisingly good. This really comes down to hurt feelings, and mine are hurt. Much like the jersey swap after games, Benjamin is only recognizing the hard work and success of his opponent. As fans, we're not hear to congratulate anything that has to do with the Falcons unless it is them moving to LA. We're going to hear about how "good" this Falcons offense is for the next year from Atlanta fans, we don't need to hear it from people in our own house. 

Let us know how you feel about it.

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By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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