Panthers Move into First in NFC South Despite Losing

It's not every day that a team can lose a game and move up in the standings, but the Panthers did this week with some help from the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals. 

Carolina took the field Thursday night as division leaders only because they had played one more game than every other team in the division. The Panthers were really even with both the Falcons and the Buccaneers, who also both only dad one loss. Today, The Falcons blew a big lead against the Dolphins to fall to 3-2 and the Bucs were blown out by the Arizona Cardinals, which propelled Panthers into sole control of first down in the division.

The NFC South has turned into a juggernaut now that New Orleans has reeled off three straight wins. Big thanks to Arizona and Miami for helping keep Carolina atop, despite losing on Thursday Night Football to the Philadelphia Eagles. 

By Tony Dunn
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