Akeem Spence, Meet Crying Jordan

Akeem Spence learned that crow is mighty chewy today.  "We just got to be on our A-game," Spence boasted." "He’s not unbeatable. We seen Von Miller and the guys do it in the Super Bowl," he reminded, "so we just fluster him in the pass game, fluster him in the run game to where he’s one dimensional." Get in his head, take away his legs, and make him beat you in the air, something Spence believed Cam couldn't do. Spence is still chewing on that last statement, "I don’t think he can beat us throwing the ball," after Cam Newton torched the Lions secondary for 355 yards and 3 touchdowns. Newton completed 79% of his passes against the Lions. 

Spence registered one tackle on the day and didn't get to fluster Newton the way he hoped. Carolina's offensive line was solid against a good Detroit defensive line. The Panthers had difficulty running the ball, registering only 28 rushing yards on the day. It turns out, however, league MVPs are pretty good too because Carolina was able to put up 27 points and get the win on the road because of Cam Newton's arm.

Thanks to Karl Vann for rubbing that salt in the wound. It's what a true fan would do!

By Tony Dunn
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