Rumors Brew About Carolina's Interest in Christian McCaffrey

Yesterday, Denver's 104.7 the Fan tweeted that the Carolina Panthers were interested in Christian McCaffrey at #8 in the 2017 Draft. I'm not sure that a little birdie actually told Cecil Lammey this, but it does help brew pre-draft speculation. The take seemed based primarily on circumstantial, citing loose connections between Carolina's coaching staff, the need for a running back, and questions surrounding Leonard Fornette's health and Dalvin Cook's character. Lammey also emphasized what he described as the "James White Bump," which he contended was a natural inflation that recent events like this past Super Bowl can do to a prospect's stock." Lammey's take felt a rooted in fantasy football management strategy slightly. McCaffrey in his eyes could be the first running back selected, catapulting him almost unnaturally into the Top Ten. 

McCaffrey's name has been floated as a fit for the Carolina Panthers. The recent hiring of Lance Taylor, Standford's former running back coach, immediately fueled discussions of Carolina's potential acquisition of the All-American back last week. Taylor stoked the discussion a bit yesterday when he commented that McCaffrey would "look good in black and blue," when asked about his former player's NFL potential. Hearing it from an outsider like Lammey the same day only flamed the speculation fire. Then he said the interest was at #8!

McCaffrey's name McCaffrey hasn't been projected a Top-Ten 10 by nearly anyone. As fans debate heavily Carolina's first selection, nobody has whispered McCaffrey being a top-ten prospect. 

It turns out rumor and speculation only brews more rumor and speculation as we try to figure out why Carolina would make this selection or tip their hands. Panther fans are hot on the trail, suggesting slight of hand or contemplating an option where the Panthers trade back in the draft. 

From what I've learned of Dave Gettleman over the past four years is that no one knows. The Panthers don't know, and any reported interest could simply amount to he's on Carolina's board. Perhaps, this actually gives this rumor some outside credence, however. It would be a pick that no-one saw coming, well except for Lammey. 

How do you think McCaffrey would fit? Who would you like to see the Panthers select at #8? Comment below.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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