Video: C3 One-On-One With ECU WR Zay Jones

I was able to sit down with ECU star receiver Zay Jones before his autograph signing at Sup Dogs in Greenville, NC benefiting the Aces For Autism Foundation. I asked him a few quick questions about his recent experiences and confirmed the private workout he had earlier this week at ECU with Carolina Panthers coaches.

For audio purposes, I have included a Q&A transcription as well below.


Q: The report came out yesterday that you had a private workout here at ECU with the Carolina Panthers coaches. How did that go? Did you like it and how was the experience?

A: "I feel like it went really well. I'm doing workouts for other teams as well, so not just specifically the Carolina Panthers. But I was very excited to have the opportunity to go out there and display to the coaches and team what I can do."

Q: What was like going through the Senior Bowl week and having a great practice and then being able to carry that into the game? What was that experience like with some of the best players in the country?

A: "It was a great experience being able to go against the top guys in the country and show what I can do against them. I got to work with a great coaching staff in the Chicago Bears and that was a great opportunity as well.Just being able to meet all the players and guys was a great time."

Q: I imagine that week doubles as a lead-into so to speak going into private workouts with these professional teams as well?

A: "Exactly, it helps having that little bit of experience that you get to carry over into the workouts and things like that."

Q: About the combine, as you were coming up to run your 40 yard dash, Mayock said, " If Zay Jones can run anything in the mid 4.5's it would really good for him." About that time you took off and posted a 4.46. What was that feeling like? Were you impressed with yourself and that time for you?

A: "I was happy with it. I'm never satisfied, I feel like I can always do better. You know I trained really hard for it, I worked really hard for it, and it was just good to see it pay off on the national stage."

Q: I know you have your Pro Day coming up here next week at ECU. Are you going to try to beat that time? 

A: "I'm not really sure yet."

Special thanks to Zay Jones again for taking the time to answer a few of these questions with me.

As media members have reported from experiences with Jones in press conferences, he is the definition of professional. That's something Jerry Richardson, Dave Gettleman, Ron Rivera, and the entire Panthers organization are big on. He already fits right in there and could very well be the fit and answer for the Carolina Panthers in that receiver role they've been looking to improve on for quarterback Cam Newton.

Interview By Tripp Morgan (@TrippMorgan6)

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