Rumors Brew that Carolina Wants to Draft #2

If moving up eight spots into the second round is like "gold" for Panthers General Manager DaveGettleman, moving up six spots in the first round must be platinum. It will likely cost all the kings gold to move up into that position as well.

The rumor/report, what I call a remort, surfaced on Twitter from @DrafftWire, which noted that they had "heard" that Carolina and San Francisco were interested in trading draft positions. 

The story didn't cite anything but murmurs and speculation based on San Francisco's likely missing out on Myles Garrett and unlikeliness in selecting a quarterback with the #2 overall pick. The 49ers are, Luke Easterling wrote, "trying to rebuild the storied franchise...moving down and acquiring additional picks would be ideal."

This does make some sense, however. Carolina has four picks in the Top 100 and some star players like Soloman Thomas, Jonathan Allen, Leonard Fournette, or even a Jamal Adams would likely be off the board at #8. Gettleman has been pretty adamant about getting back to the winning form of 2015.  He's his most aggressive move of his tenure in free agency in signing Matt Kalil. Getting the guy he wants most could be the thing that Gettleman believes could get Carolina back to the mountain top quickly. 

It would be a sexy move by Gettleman, who has lost a little love among Panther fans after last season. How much would it cost and who would it be? Gettleman is stingy, so coughing a lot to move up in the first would likely be outside of his comfort zone. We have seen him move up in the draft over the past years. It hasn't been dramatic, but he hasn't been adverse to chasing his guy.

Is that guy someone he believes will be scooped up by Jacksonville, Chicago, or New York? If so, maybe this isn't as far-fetched as we first thought. It's the starving time for football news, however, and this just gives us a little something to chew on. 

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By Tony Dunn
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