Tampering Rules Haven't Stopped Panther Players from Courting Free Agents

Tampering rules haven't stopped Panther players from courting free agents apparently, and it's not the first time either. Cam Newton reached out to Michael Oher in the 2015 offseason. Oher, who some say was contemplating retirement, joined the team and helped the Panthers to a historic 15-1 regular season record and Super Bowl appearance.

We don't know from Rapoport's tweet who reached out to Russell Okung, but this does give credence to fan rumors that the Panthers are interested in former Bronco left tackle. Whoever these players who are courting Okung, we know they have spoken to his agent as well. Okung represents himself. 

It turns out, Okung isn't the only potential free agent tackle actively being recruited. Ryan Kalil, brother of former Viking Matt Kalil, suggested he had someone other than Okung in mind. Kalil obviously would like to have his brother join him in Carolina in hopes of ressurecting the Panthers and Matt Kalil's career, much like with Michael Oher two years ago.

Many fans haven't been terribly excited about either prospect. Okung has struggled with injury in the past and now been released by two teams, Seattle and Denver, in the last two years. Kalil is coming off a major injury and many weren't impressed with his play when he was healthy. Despite their observations, Carolina needs some guys who can play tackle or, at the very least, have played left tackle in the past.  With Michael Oher still in the concussion protocol, Carolina has to plan on moving on to 2017 without him, leaving the Panthers as one Panther fan put it:

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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