JP's Panther Mock Draft

Round 1- O.J. Howard TE

This pick was hard for me. I do not see Fournette available, which takes that part out. Part of me wanted to go McCaffrey because of his versatility, but I went Howard instead. The idea of him with Olsen tormenting defenses is a huge part of this pick. The deciding factor, however is that Olsen is getting older and we need a plan after him. The tight end position is what Carolina’s offense is centered. God forbid Olsen gets hurt, Carolina’s offense would shut down. Howard’s seam busting, his blocking, and his yard after catch make him the perfect TE 1A for cam and Carolina.

Round 2a- Alvin Kamara

I have said this before and I will stick by this, I think Kamara will be the best RB to come out of this draft class. All I see when is a bigger more athletic Devonta Freeman when I look at Kamara. He wasn’t used to much in college, but really shined when he was given the chance. He had 283 touches in two years. McCaffrey had 290 this year alone. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in freshness. He doesn’t have a lot of wear and tear on the treads! He can run zone and between the tackles and he can also catch the ball well…. Like I said, he’s a bigger more athletic Freeman. He works hard and has room to grow.

Round 2b- Josh Jones S

Josh Jones

Josh Jones

Does drafting a 6’1 220-pound SS who was a top performer at everything he did at the combine need an explanation?  Well, he hits hard, gets to the ball, and plays the run well--so I’ll take him! He will be able to play a backup role behind Adams and learn to control his play a little better. His biggest knock is sometimes he tackles out of control on tape.

Round 3- Tanoh Kpassagnon DL

One word for this kid is a freak! The only reason we can draft him at the end of Round 3 is the amount polished talent from bigger name schools around him. This DL monster out of Villanova is 6’7 289 with 35 5/8 inch arms. He can learn so much from a guy like Peppers on how to use his freakish size and ability. He can be a 10 sack a year guy easy and also has a high floor. I see his floor as a monster vs the run who kicks inside on 3rd and uses his long arms to get some sacks and knock down a few passes.

Round 4- Pat Elflein C 

why not grab college football’s top center in this year’s draft? Elflein stands the chance of slipping because he is only a one-year guy at center who is more throwback and not ready to play full time right now. I say throwback because he is a run grader who needs help in pass pro. He is a tireless worker who is a strong leader. We need someone behind Kalil who can learn to play like he does and Elflein is that guy.


Round 5- Sam Rogers FB

 I’m not convinced the Panthers, A, are ready to give up on using the FB or, B, have found their fullback. Rogers is a lot like Tolbert only faster and a better blocker. He can catch out of the backfield and run the ball on short downs. He lines up all over and is good on screen passes. Rogers gives Carolina that young FB who can help provide a great platform for running the ball, Stewart and Kamara.

Round 6- KD Cannon WR

Need a deep threat? Draft a deep threat! This kid seems to gravitate to the ball down field. Forget his college stats, he was killed by playing for Baylor who one does not have a QB. Although he wasn’t associated with Baylor rape scandal, transferring didn’t seem a smart option for the junior. He is limited to deep routes and screens, but so was Ginn.

Round 7- Zane Gonzalez K

I’m over Gano. Carolina is paying him too much to be just ok. Gonzalez has a booming leg with a career long of 57 yards in his time at Arizona. He’s also very accurate with long kicks, going 7-9 from 50 yards out. It’s hard to believe that the FBS all-time leader in FG made makes it to Round 7, but it seems as if most teams who draft kickers early on get burned and teams looking to load up on talent in skill positions. So, provided the Bucs don’t trade up in Round 2 to get Zane, there is a good shot he falls this far.

NOTE- if McCaffrey or somehow Fournette is the pick round one I believe the Panthers become aggressive in trying to draft Njoku or Engram. I believe the priorities are set and the players they want are as well just a matter of the actual picks lining up right.