Seven Names To Watch For Tonight By Mel Mayock

Today is Draft Day!  Who do you want?  Who do you think the Panthers get?  It is the ultimate reality show for NFL fans as the drama unfolds tonight at 8:00 EST.  There’s no better way, as a Panthers fan, to watch the drama unfold than to hang out with the #C3 gang and fellow Panther fans.  Tune in starting at 7:45 by clicking here to get to our Youtube Channel.  We will have give-aways and surprise guests dropping by.  Mostly a bunch of guys and gals having a beer and talking draft.  Are you in?

Here are the Top 7 players that I believe could end up in a Panthers’ uniform tonight.  These are ranked in the order I’d love to see them in and who’d I’d take over the other.  Leave your thoughts or hit me up at @Panthersdraftere 

1-    Solomon Thomas-  I think he is the best NFL player in this draft.  He is KK Short with more DE capabilities.  275 lbs. and can play all up and down the Defensive line.  Odds are that he’ll be long gone by #8, but you never know if he falls or if the Panthers make a move up.  I give him a 10% chance of being a Panther.
2-    Leonard Fournette-  Let’s face it guys, he’s a generational player.  I do see him as the next AP.  And may be the second best player in this draft.  I think if he is there, the Panthers are all over him.  And they may trade up to get him.  I give him a 20% chance of being a Panther.
3-    Jamal Adams-  He may be the third best player in this draft.  He is the Safety that the Panthers always wished they had but never did.  He brings passion and skill and would make the Panthers a top 5 defense right away.  I give him a 5% chance of being a Panther.
4-    Derek Barnett- I’d say he’s the fifth best player in this draft and I think I may prefer him over Garrett.  He just brings it day in and day out.  Not the physical specimen that Garrett is, but twice the heart.  I give him a 20% chance of being a Panther.
5-    Christian McCaffrey-  I have to say, this would be the most exciting pick for me.  He is a threat to take it to the house on any given play.  I give him a 20% chance of being a Panther.

6-    Malik Hooker-  Hooker is a sideline-to-sideline maniac that would be a crowd favorite in Carolina.  And my 12 year old sense of humor wants his jersey.  But remember that he is young and has been injured, so he would most likely sit behind Mike Adams for a year.  I give him a 10% chance of being a Panther.
7-    Reuben Foster-  Yes, he failed a drug test  at the Combine but other reports have him as a class-act.  He would be the long-term replacement for TD and let’s face it, we are going to need one.  This team will take a step backwards when he steps away.  Unless we draft Foster.  I give him a 10% chance of being a Panther.

Tonight is the night.  Leave your thoughts below, and tune in tonight.  If you want to hop on the show and give your reaction or prediction, just email us at  Let's have fun tonight!


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Mel Mayock